During your recovery, you will learn to listen more and more to your body. You will see, recognize and act on the signals your body is giving you.

You have all kinds of complaints, physical: abdominal pain, headache, migraine, back pain, trembling muscles or chest pain. But also, mental, worrying, crying quickly, fear, panic, etc.


You should see the complaints as signals from your body. Ask yourself: what does my body want to say? Where did I go wrong and what do I think I need now? Where am I now?


The connection between listening and becoming calm is obvious. If you listen and act on it, you become calmer. Conversely, when you are calmer, you can listen better. It works both ways. In either case, you can make better decisions afterwards. Which are more suited to your needs at that moment.


Own experience

Countless examples I can give that I did not listen well. Shopping, eating out, going to the birthday anyway, exercising too much, continuing to answer apps, too many things in 1 day, you name it. All circumstances where my body pulled on the brakes.


With a panic attack, abdominal pain, anger, anxiety and neck pain, my body could call me to order.


By listening to it with an open and friendly view, I started to understand what my body wanted. As mentioned before, I avoided Paracetamol and aspirin. These disguise the situation and make you listen to your body worse. 


Now, 2.5 years later, I recognize the signs more and more. Then I try to stay calm and change the situation in such a way that my body can handle it. 


I decide what to do based on my body’s response. Step by step. In consultation with my environment.


What is positive?

By listening to your body, you will recognize how your body reacts. And you make better choices that are closer to yourself. You come more and more to your core. And therein lies the ability to recover.


In the end you come closer to yourself. You become more in balance and that feels very familiar and nice.



1.   Your recovery needs that you recognize the mechanism of signalling, listening and acting, and that you know how it works.

2.   Don’t be too hard on yourself, and take the time to learn this, it won’t go well right away.

3.   Also remember that listening to your body (yourself) is new. You just kept going before the burn out. Now you really must take the time for yourself to (learn to) listen to yourself.


Don’t give up!!

Why does a burnout take so long? Because you are learning. Learning to listen to yourself and act accordingly is quite difficult. You are entering new territory! You are learning new skills.


It might help to be a little more careful in the beginning. So that you will also see and recognize the smallest signals.

Of course, you go wrong a few times and that’s part of it. Don’t be alarmed, get up and try again.


In the end everyone learns to ride a bike, eventually you learn to listen to yourself better!!