While recovering, you notice that you experience all kinds of things. You can’t think of it or you’ll have to deal with it. It is then useful to keep a notebook.

This notebook is a registration system, intended to discover which pitfalls there are and how to deal with them. To reflect at the end of the day on what went well and what didn’t. So, you can adjust your schedule for the next day accordingly. 


Also, to see that you are experiencing growth during the recovery. You will find out that recovering comes with ups and downs. Sometimes you get the feeling that you are not getting ahead. Because you can read back, you will then read that you are already further than 2 weeks ago. That works positively. 


Own experience

I tried to write down as many experiences as possible. Positive things I experienced. That could be the smallest things. Cup in dishwasher, garbage bag changed, etc. Small steps.


I also wrote down disappointments. Then I tried to analyse what had happened and where it went wrong. Putting them on paper allowed me to look at them objectively and think about them. Even after a while, when I read back again, I realized that I was recovering.


Ultimately, I use the notebook to write down mainly positive situations. By focusing on that, you emphasize the positive things in life. That facilitates recovery.


What is positive?

Over time, your writing becomes a kind of compass. Your recovery will get better and better because you get a better understanding of what can and cannot be done.  With the writing you have a tool in your hands that can help you get through the tougher moments. 


Writing can also make you more positive. Sometimes you even feel a positive flow. That you see light, where it should go. That is good for confidence in the recovery.



1.   Buy a nice notebook. Where you like to write in.

2.   In the beginning, write down what you want. Experiences, Emotions, Positive and Negative Situations

3.   After a while it is good to focus on the positive things. Negatives are always there, but if you give them too much attention, they grow. Just like positive things by the way.

4.   When you’re feeling down, take the notebook and read about how well you’re recovering. That you are more advanced than 3 weeks ago.

5.   Keep the writing to yourself. If you are going to share the content, you may feel pressure, shame or accountability.


Keep it going it will be fine!!

After a few weeks I bought such a notebook and started writing. Writing off me not only provided insights, but also peace in my mind. When it’s on paper, you don’t have to think about it anymore and it no longer swarms in your head.


So, I advise you: write down everything you think and watch it when you feel the need to. That ensures a grip on the recovery. Also, with you…just do it!!