Your own place

Recovering from a burnout is hard work. You will practice, think, carry out assignments, read, etc. Then it is nice to do that in your “own” environment. 


A space in the house where you can retreat for a while. A place where you can also sit down. With calm music, meditation pillows or just nothing. Where you can sit in peace (twilight), to be. With your scent, colour, posters, right light, good chair with nice desk. Where you have your stuff. Books, writing, assignments.


A place where you won’t be disturbed. Where you can shape your recovery the way you want. That place is yours and cannot be shared. After all, if you must share it, then the intimacy of the place is gone.


Your own place!!


Own experience

In our house we had a junk room that was mostly junk. I set it up as my room. 


There I withdrewTo contemplate the day, listen to music, process my recovery or read


You really need your own place. A physical space where you feel safe.


I also pointed this out to those around me. That if I sit there, they should leave me alone. Because then I’m busy with myself!


What is positive?

Having your own burn out place at home is very nice. You feel safe and comfortable there. Sometimes that is your refuge in the process. 

A room where you can go through your recovery in complete freedom. It is also clear to your environment that this is your workplace. 

When you are further along in the process or even after this process, this place remains valuable. You will need these for a long time.



1.   Even if you are alone it is a good idea to make a burn out room. Then that is your safe place.

2.   Discuss with those around you that this room is necessary for your recovery. That others can’t claim that

3.   If you don’t have that much space, think of the hallway, cellar, shed, attic, a child’s bedroom, it doesn’t really matter that much. As long as it’s your place.


Don’t give up!!

Now more than 2.5 years after my burn out I still use it. Almost every night I sit (for a while) in my room. Thinking about the day, making plans, writing this website, listening to music, etc. Just some time for myself.


Try it!! Go see if this works for you to. A place of your own!