Because of your burn out you are extra vulnerable (weakened). It’s good to see that. In three areas, viz.

– Diseases

– Moods

– Physical state


Because your energy level is low, your resistance system does not work at full strength. You are more susceptible to (simple) illnesses (cold, flu, inflammation, canker sores, eczema you name it). Keep in mind that you might get ill soon.


You are also more prone to negative moods. Something you used to be able to deal with well, now turns out to be more difficult. Feelings of shame, anger, loneliness or low self-esteem now arise more easily. Because you have no more energy, your body is in survival mode. Everything that costs energy, you approach negatively. So, keep in mind that you can be moody, a little down and sad. Pass that on to those around you as well. That this is happening.


Physically you can suffer a lot from the burn out. Muscle pain, joint pain, abdominal pain, headache, hyperventilation you name it. These are all expressions of your body that you have run out of energy. You may also have to deal with this soon. Prepare for it.


Own experience

I picked up every conceivable cough and pain. You couldn’t think of it or I had it. It wasn’t until I started to get some energy again that it got less.


I’ve had a lot of mood swings. Then I was quite negative, down, gloomy, homesick, melancholic, etc. This was also due to too little energy. When I was further in my recovery and I started to get some energy again, it became much less.


I continued to suffer from abdominal pain (stress). After a course of antibiotics, I noticed that my resistance became stronger and my abdominal pain less. This course of antibiotics worked as a boost for my resistance. 

I also often had a cramped neck and shoulder. By taking a shower, having a massage and sleeping a lot, my muscles relaxed, and my physical condition improved. 


What I kept saying to myself was: this is because of the burn out. When it’s over, this will all be over, and that’s right. If your recovery is going well, it will really get better.


What I was keen on was avoiding painkillers. Aspirins and acetaminophen work great for pain relief but can get in the way of making better choices. I wanted to feel my body. I wanted to know when and why my body reacted the way it did. So that I could make better choices afterwards.


What is positive?

Your body is under threat and you can do something about it. You can increase your resistance by taking vitamins, eating healthy, going outside and exercising a little. Your moods will improve once you have more energy. 


The same applies to your body as to your mood. As soon as there is some more energy, most complaints will go away on their own. 

Remember that the recovery capacity of your body is quite large and that it will really work out. Give yourself the time to recover.



1.   Take vitamin pills, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, get out in the fresh air.

2.   Stay away from many people. You get flu and colds from others.

3.   Choose positive things. Nice TV programs, play cheerful music, treat yourself to something delicious with coffee, buy flowers, choose a nice scent in the room. Little things that help you feel good.

4.   Get a massage in a massage parlour. That is really relaxing and often they can offer you a certain number of massages so that your body loosens up.

5.   Remember that this vulnerability is OVER. Your resistance gets better when you get more energy.


Don’t give up!!

Trust me I’ve had it all. I even had a beep in my right ear at one point. Pale from the stress. However, the moment I regained some energy, most of the complaints disappeared. 


That will be the case with you too. The moment you get some energy again, it immediately goes a lot better. Sometimes you shoot again, so that it backfires, but that doesn’t matter. You learn to deal with this.


So, move on to the next pages so you’ll get some energy back and you’ll get out of here!!