Now that everything is arranged, and you no longer must go to work, you can give in to your fatigue. But that’s not so easy. In fact, it is very difficult to give in to fatigue. Your body is still full of adrenaline, stress, emotions and unrest. You CANNOT rest at all yet.


You have committed robbery on yourself and your entire system is upset as a result. Only when you land in your burn out, you become calmer, and you start to feel tired. That just takes a while. 


Give yourself a few weeks to calm down and accept that you are burned out. Only then will you feel that you are very tired, and you will give in to the situation. Only then do you notice that you are really burned out.


In the coming sites I’m going to show you topics that will help you with this.


My story.

My body was gone, but I didn’t recognize it. I continued to have a lot of stomach pain. Weeks after I got home, I still had a stomach-ache. Over time, I began to see that this abdominal pain was a signal of too much stress and fatigue.


When I realized that, I started to land (very slowly) in my burn out and I felt the fatigue. 


What helped me is writing down what is going on. For example: okay, I’ve got a stomach-ache again, but we’ll get visitors. Hmm, could that be related? 


I started to observe the signals and link them with small steps. Over time, you will see a certain pattern emerge and you can anticipate that.


Recognizing this pattern is a form of landing. Learning to accept that it is.


What is positive?

Apparently, you first must calm down in order to relax. You will experience that in the coming weeks. Also use 1.9 Scripture.

You need these steps to get to the point of rest. When you get to that point, that’s all-encompassing.


Resting feels like a liberation.   



1.   Accept that this is it. Have the confidence that this will not stay and that you will really relax

2.   Weird things, such as headaches, stomach-aches, feeling of not knowing, and restlessness are part of it. 

3.   Feelings of powerlessness, incomprehension, are also normal.

4.   The idea that you immediately relax and can sleep immediately, you must park for the time being. It’s a rushing process.


Don’t give up!!

As a teacher you sometimes have a parents’ evening. That is always exciting and exhausting. At the end of such an evening you can hardly sleep well. The adrenaline, the conversations, the topics, etc. are still too much in your head. Only when you calm down (you take a shower or so) you notice that you become calm, and you can go to sleep.


It’s the same here. The years of looting your body mean that rest is not yet possible. First you must race out before that and that takes time. Only when you relax you will feel the burn out and you can sleep a lot. Hours on end. 


That moment will come for you too. It is almost there. Also don’t try to force yourself to calm down, that never really works. 


It really is a matter of patience.