During your recovery you find out that talking people are too much.  Talking is very taxing. You must pay close attention to what is being said and often you have to / want to say something back. Then something new is said and so on.


It gets really tiring when several people start talking at the same time, you can’t follow that. Also, most conversations are way too long, noisy and meaningless. That is not only tiring, but you will also get annoyed. That really takes a lot of energy. That’s too much for now. 


Own experience

When people came to visit, I could only keep it up for a short time. I often withdrew after 10/15 minutes. 


I also found TV programs taxing. All day long news, talk shows, both on radio and TV, I didn’t like that.


I also noticed that people talk very loudly and a lot of nonsense. People like to hear themselves talking. Or people talk at once without listening (at a meeting). Then I really had to get out of the situation. 


I explained that to my environment, that this is how it works. That if there’s too much talking, I’ll have to leave.


What is positive?

Leaving a conversation is a rock-solid action to choose for yourself. You feel that things are not going well, and you literally choose for yourself. You can also think in advance about what you are going to do during: a visit, meeting, conversation, etc.

So, think of it as an unmissable red traffic light.



1.   Avoid people who like to talk a lot. 

2.   Look for people who talk less and are therefore less taxing.

3.   Gossiping, complaining, judging, negativity, lying, exaggerating, appointing. Those are all conversations that are too taxing.

4.   Look for nice, honest, friendly people. 

5.   Look for the quiet (introverted) people. 

6.   Dose watching talk shows. 

7.   There are also radio stations without talk. Just like spinning a CD.


Keep it going it will be fine!!

If you start to notice that talking people are incriminating, you will act accordingly. You are going to avoid them or try to keep the conversations as short as possible.

In fact, you are then attuning your environment to your needs and that is also a change compared to before the burn out.


During my break at school, I can choose to sit in the staff room. Just talking and chattering colleagues and sometimes that is quite pleasant. But most of the time I choose the quietness. Then I don’t want people talking around me for a while.


That is different from before the burn out, but it suits me better. Maybe with you too!!