Do you have to sport during a burn out? The answer is yes and no. You simply don’t have enough energy to sport very hard. But exercise and being outside is good.

During the recovery, you’ll spend a lot of time in your head. Being outside can change your mind for a while. 

It’s good to include exercise in your schedule for the day. So that exercise becomes part of your daily routine.

Start by moving slowly: walking or cycling. It is useful to take a fixed route. You don’t have to think about where you are going, and you can see what can and cannot be done.

So yes, you can sport, but not too long and certainly not too intensively.

Personal experience
“ A  healthy person lives in a fit body!!” I thought. So, I went running and mountain biking. That didn’t go well at all. My body protested in every way.

What did work was walking. Take it easy and maybe half an hour. That might seem a little silly, but it worked. I often walked the same route. 

Sometimes I didn’t feel so well. Then I took the same route but shortened itI didn’t let the weather play a role. Rain or cold: I always went.

I also took a banana with me. So that I had something to eat with me. That felt safe.

What is positive?

When you sport, you are less in your head. You see, smell, hear, experience other things than thinking about your burn out. This will help you in your recovery. It is also a gauge of how you are doing. Can you do more or less. 

In addition, it is just nice to walk in the sun and be outdoors.


1.   Include exercise in your daily schedule.

2.   Buy a (used) e-bike and alternate cycling with walking. 

3.   Go outside when there is less traffic. At certain times it is uncomfortably busy, you can avoid that.

4.   Sometimes it is better to go alone, to clear your head.  

5.   Always take something to eat with you, no matter how short the walk is. 


Keep it going it will be fine!!

Maybe you think (like me at the beginning): I need to get in good shape. Very simple: you can forget that. You have no energy, so you don’t have the energy to finish a nice tight training program. 


Also don’t put any pressure on yourself or blame yourself that you can’t do this right now. You have a burn out, that seems challenging enough!!


For now, you should see exercise to: – clear your head, – go outside and change your mind. Not more than that. 


In time sporting will come back.


I am now working out again and you will be doing that also. When de recovery improves.