And now?

Now that you have stopped and are at home, the question arises: and how should you continue. That’s a good question, because what’s next?  The fact that you have no idea is correct. You’ve never been here before. This is a new experience. So that you don’t really know where you are and what it’s like, that’s completely logical.


How you got here or how you get out of here as quickly as possible is irrelevant for now. Just the realization that you have arrived at this point is enough. 


Your entire system is out of balance and needs to settle down before you can move on. You will “land” in your burn out soon. From there starts your recovery.


Own experience

On December 6, 2018, my GP said: you are physically healthy. You don’t have the stomach flu. It’s your lifestyle that makes you sick! You know what, stop it. Just relax and restore the balance.


Okay, so what am I going to do now? I went to do some odd jobs, do some sports, ride a bike, read a book, take it easy. Keep checking my school e-mails and apps, because: “I’m at home, but that can never last long”. Although my body was screaming with fatigue, I had no idea what my body was trying to say. It took me 2 months before I could “land” in my burn out and accept what was going on. 


I hope you accept (faster than I did) that you are burned out. That you really dare to admit that you are sick. The sooner the acceptance, the sooner the recovery. 


And that you still have a lot of questions and have no idea, that is completely logical. That will change soon by reading this site for example.


What is positive

You have been given the time to stop your life and to find out why you are so tired. That can feel liberating. Perhaps as a relief, because the situation you were in has ended anyway. 


But also frightening, what is next? The next weeks you will “land” in your burn out. You will accept that you really gone to far. From there the recovery will start.




  1. Leave it for now. You don’t know where you are. It does not matter. That will add up soon. Have faith!
  2. Physical signals such as abdominal pain, muscle pain, palpitations, sweating, ringing ears, etc. that is part of it. This will eventually decrease.
  3. Emotions such as anger, sadness, disappointment, panic and shame. That is also part of it. Let them come, that’s not bad and this will also be less
  4. Burnout is a long process. Count on being on the road for a long time (months).

Don’t give up!! 
You are probably just burned out, when you read this page. Chances are you don’t fully realize where you are now. That makes sense because a burn out is very strange. You will experience the craziest things and that includes accepting and landing in the burn out.


What you will realize, after the acceptance, is that you have really gone too far and that your energy is at 0%. Therein lies the solution. Apparently, you must make sure that your energy level goes up in some way.


I will try to explain why certain topics contribute to increasing your energy level. That will happen soon, really.


Remember, you’ll get out of here, and better than you went in.